After much thought we have decided that our September issue (#100) of TAN will be our last.

TAN has been serving the Naturist Community for what will be 25 years come September (#100) and will be the longest continually operating Naturist Magazine in Australia. We want to go out celebrating and not with a whimper!

The website will remain for sales of back issues both print and eZine versions for at least 12 months and perhaps longer if the demand is there.

You are probably asking why?

Like all things there are a number of factors, a major one is that the print magazine business model has changed, we are not selling as many issues through the newsagency distribution. These numbers were in decline, but the numbers dropped significantly during Covid and did not bounce back, the newsagencies themselves have also changed and are not carrying the number of magazines that they once did. Social media is now the way a lot of people are getting information and Naturists are no exception. Secondly the production, distribution and postage costs of the magazine have risen sharply in the last year. Finally, we are dealing with some personal issues which have also influenced our decision.

What about going digital only?

We looked at that option but the majority of our subscriptions are for the print version and the numbers unfortunately don’t make this a viable option.

So, what will happen to those who have subscriptions beyond the September issue?

Over the coming months we will be contacting current subscribers and offering deals to purchase back issues to offset their payments.

What if my subscription expires before September?

We have already changed our subscription page so you can now only purchase a subscription for two issues. Any credit card manual renewal subscriptions will only be changed for the next two issues i.e. $18.50 not $37.00.

Final thoughts

We know the love the community has for TAN and this decision was not taken lightly; we understand it will leave a gap in many peoples lives. We also have a great appreciation for all our contributors, advertisers and subscribers who have made TAN, from its earliest days, an important part of our lifestyle. Both the founder Dr Les Rootsey and ourselves have used TAN to introduce the Naturist lifestyle to those curious about it and encouraging some to become an active part of it, as well and providing information to the community itself.

We hope we have provided you with the background of our decision and we will now look forward to making the final two issues of TAN the very best they can be and a celebration of the last 25 years!