TAN Magazine Subscriptions

TAN Magazine Subscriptions

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TAN Magazine Subscriptions

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Printed Version

TAN Magazine from The Australian Naturist is the world’s most popular Naturist periodical for a reason. Each quarterly issue is packed with unique Naturist perspectives, advice, news, trip and event reports, letters and, of course, lots of beautiful high-resolution photographs. With 68 full-color pages per issue, TAN is also one of the best magazine values around.

With the TAN print subscription, you’ll get four quarterly editions delivered to your mailbox. Take TAN on vacation, read it on the plane, share it with your friends, no plug or Internet connection required.

+ PLUS the TAN eZine subscription with access to the high-resolution PDF versions,

NOTE: After you pay for your subscription we will post the current issue of TAN Magazine.

eZine Version

With the TAN eZine subscription, you’ll be able to view the complete, unabridged magazine, right in your web browser. Crisp text and gorgeous high-resolution photographs rival the quality of our print edition. In fact, you might even like our eZine better than paper. You can’t zoom in on a paper magazine or instantly flip to the exact page you want. TAN eZine lets you do both..and it will never get soggy at the beach!

The TAN eZine annual subscription entitles you to download the high-resolution PDF versions,

NOTE: Once you have paid for your annual or renewal subscription you will then receive an email with details on how to download the current eZine Magazine.